2023 CLASH OF STEEL 講師-蕭富聰:1小時就上手的伊比利式雙劍

蕭富聰 Frank Hsiao 講師

2015~2019年所屬團體為輔仁大學歐洲劍術社,2020年~至今為Vor&Nach史實歐洲武術會成員,現擔任史實歐洲武術聯盟常務監事,協助協會營運,和郭柏岑 (Bronn Kuo)共同經營「劍怪不怪」,為社群帶來Podcast、影片等有趣的HEMA創作內容。


本屆講座為大家帶來: 《1小時就上手的伊比利式雙劍》。

Joined European Swordsmanship Society of Fu Jen Catholic University from 2015 to 2019 and has been a member of Vor&Nach HEMA society since 2020. Serve as executive supervisor of the HEMA Union. Started and co-manage “HEMA talkshow” with Bronn Kuo, bringing interesting HEMA creative content such as podcasts and videos to the community.

Since 2015, learning Liechtenauer long sword,I.33 sword&buckler and other HEMA in FJU, I am enjoys the varied techniques and presenting forms of HEMA weapons and began studying such as Fiore longsword, dagger, Iberian, Bolognese dual swords, etc., delivering the fun of HEMA by sharing interpretation and practical sparring methods with everyone.


Core skill

兵器認識、 身體結構、 對打技術。

weapon recognition, body structure, sparring techniques.



2把長度相同的單手劍 / 刀。

2 single handed swords with same length(e.g. arming sword / sidesword / messer…)


Protection gear

皮手套 、面罩,建議穿著長袖上衣或薄外套。

Leather gloves, fencing mask, long sleeves or hoodie recommended.


Limit number of participants



雙劍 (Dual Swords)在文藝復興時期的歐洲出現,多本手稿中都有提及與傳授這門技術,由於雙劍要求更高的肢體協調性,亦需要對敵我兵器的優劣有所認知,算是一門難以精通的技藝,因此,雙劍術被視為劍術家對技術的自信和展示。
本次講座將以伊比利半島16世紀晚期的劍術大師 Domingo Luis Godinho 的手稿《Art of Fencing》為基礎,讓學員學習如何流暢的用雙劍進行攻擊,並練習在攻防中應用。

  • 課程大綱:
    1. 兵器和基本架式介紹
    2. 斬擊與刺擊動作介紹
    3. 連續動作練習
    4. 攻防應用練習
    5. 問答時間
  • 📢注意事項:
    • 📌練習時務必穿妥護具,練習時改變力道速度請告知練習夥伴。
    • 📌有任何問題或不適請停止動作並向講師、助教或工作人員尋求幫助。

《How to dual swords in 1 hour》

Dual swords mentioned and taught in many manuscripts during the Renaissance period in Europe. This art requires higher body coordination and knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of weapons. Considering a hard skill to master, dual swords were treated as a way to demonstrate the confidence and technique for medieval swordsmen.

This workshop based on Domingo Luis Godinho’s manuscript “Art of Fencing” from the late 16th century in the Iberian Peninsula. In this workshop, you will learn how to attack with dual swords, connect the movements with drill and practice their application in offense and defense with other attenders.

  • Workshop Outline:
    • 1. Introductions-weapons and basic guards
    • 2. Cutting, thrusting and the movement
    • 3. Drill practice
    • 4. Offensive and defensive application
    • 5. Q&A corner
  • 📢Notes:
    • 📌When practicing with others, be sure to wear protective gear. Please inform your practice partner when you want to change strength and speed during practice.
    • 📌If you have any questions or discomfort, please seek help from the instructors or staff.


Clash of Steel 2023活動資訊





活動日期 Date

2023.6.24 ~ 25
09:00 – 21:00

活動地點 Location

New Taipei City San Chong Civil Sport Center

活動地址 Address

No. 55, Jimei St., Sanchong Dist., New Taipei City 241, Taiwan



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